Education is one of the pillars of our society. It is key to ensuring that future generations are endowed with the knowledge, skills, and wisdom needed to lead and prosper. It opens doors to new opportunities and strengthens the fabric of our communities.

But our education system is not perfect. A recent curriculum overhaul has left older students confused and schools struggling to meet testing metrics. Governments at the state and federal level continually seek to cut funding for education. And the rapid growth of charter schools points to a possible future where education is privatized, left in the hands of for-profit corporations that value profit margins over the opening of minds.

C3 is a company I founded to help steer education in a positive direction. Rather than sit back and acquiesce to a decline in education, we are exploring how the art and process of education can be improved in the 21st century. And we welcome anyone who shares our passion to join us.

I invite you to browse our site and see what we're working on so far. We've got a lot more planned, and are excited about what lies ahead in the next few years. Together, let's make a brighter future for our students!

Bryan Marquez
Chief Executive Officer
Community Culture Change, Inc.